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It’s now been 3 months since Mipel and 10 weeks since I sent my sample bag to Thailand !

I called every day for 2 weeks, only getting the answer phone. At one point I was so worried about not being able to understand the answer machine message, that I went to the local Thai supermarket and asked them to listen to it !!! They were kind enough to translate the message for me and it simply said ‘leave your number and we will get back to you’. Umm but when !

Did buy fantastic Green chicken curry from the supermarket though ! 

Plan B: whilst waiting for the second costing and eating the curry, I am going to try to find another manufacturer. It’s so frustrating !!


I sent my sample bag to a manufacturing company in Thailand, this was a company that I saw at Mipel. Not only did I send the sample but also notes and images. Unfortunately I think I wrote too much information, and it had been partly lost in translation. The first costing that they gave me was too high, remembering that I already have a retail price in mind. So it’s back with them and hopefully I will get a new costing soon….