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My main concern is that I will be able to produce my bag at the cost that I want to retail it for.

I am a small business ( tiny ) and I don’t have lots of capital and I have no financial help, so everything I do I pay for directly. I can’t hold masses of stock without an order, I can’t approach buyers without a competitive cost and I can’t get that competitive cost without ordering a massive stock….. catch 22.

Any ideas on how I can’t get out of this vicious circle ?



I have now chosen my leathers and my lining. I have been looking at a lot of bags in the shops the last few weeks ( years ) and I really wanted a textured finish and colours that were rich with an urban feel. 


Ahh!! I’ve come to a bit of a block with going forward !

  1. what complementary material would look good with leather ?
  2. was having this sample made in NY a good idea ?
  3. will this bag take off ?

HELP !!!!!